Thursday, March 1, 2012


An AWARDS DAY like no other! ;-)

The first M.P.A. Awards Day for TFD (The Filipino Diaspora) was held for the whole day yesterday at the tfd-fb group. Most of the members who attended seemed to silently read and enjoy what was going on; a few participated.

Admins who were present included SittieCates, Brewed Coffee, Marie TFD and Ima Vee. Macherie TFD was still currently juggling a very busy schedule, and couldn’t make it. Jc Pineda (who helped design the award), on the other hand, had to attend to some important matters on field that day.

Nevertheless, the online event was a spectacular success!

Here are the seven (7) members (in no particular order) who were gifted with the M.P.A. Award badge that they can choose to upload at their own blogs/sites or use as a profile pic.

Donald Pagulong

Phoenix Montoya

MTR Guanlao

Likha Phil

Nestor De Paz

Bobie Cayao

Adalie Trionder

Here are some of the event's highlights:

SittieCates: As a family, we appreciate all the efforts of everyone... So, the TFD Site Admins (Jc Pineda, Marie TFD and ImaVee) and tfd-fb Admins (Macherie TFD, Brewed Coffee, and yours truly) felt that this is something that should be acknowledged.

Di ba we just had the FIRST YEAR Anniversary of TFD last Feb 11? So, people, this award-giving day is not only for us, but also for mpa (most populus artikulus/most popular article).

Thus, we call this the M.P.A. Awards!

M.P.A. stands for the "Most Productive/Participative Author" Award.

Donald Pagulong: thank you (as sent through PM). touch naman ako...(as posted on the tfd-fb wall).

Phoenix Montoya: Parang nakakahiya naman... Everyone can benefit sa site and thank you for letting me have the opportunity to post there. Salamat din po sa badge.

MTR Guanlao: Waaaa! Ba't ako nasama dito?! Haha, pero sa totoo lang, salamat ha, hehe!

Nestor De Paz: Anyways, my heartfelt gratitude for such an award… Just the same thank you for those who are keeping the TFD-FB page and most especially the TFD site tight and still standing. KUDOS to all of YOU lalo na sa mga ADMINS. :)

Bobie Cayao: hahaha... thank you so much for this award. I'm glad to be with this family... and to SittieCates thank you so much and to Inay Likha and to all TFD members... mwaaahhh! thank you to all admins hehehe... and TFD members!

Likha Phil: Sharing this with everyone who has been part of TFD (still around or not). Thanks for making it possible. Mabuhay kayo. ♥♥♥

Adalie Trionder may not have seen her award yet (because she is also busy with some things at the moment), but we are very sure that she is also thankful for this wonderful gift.

Once again, congratulations to TFD's M.P.A. Awardees!

This awards day is also done to celebrate TFD's first year anniversary.

We know that this is a few days late to post this greeting...



Here's the video by Bling Triond to remind us of how it all started! ;-)


  1. Aha! I knew it! lol! May adik comments na dito. lol! Hello to papaleng and Nes (Christ4Thailand) and congrats na rin. Hi to Jc (Culprit Pontiff) also. ;-)

  2. Sis thanks again for the award,love it!

  3. Congrats MPA Awardess! ♥

  4. Congratulations everyone and thanks for this Sittie :)

  5. Thanks, TFD for this award. Ngayon ko lang nakita. Thanks for inspiring me to write more. Ayii. :) Thanks to Sittie for informing me about this.



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