February 12, 2011

Core Values

Our desired culture of our organization, The Filipino Diaspora (TFD), breeds on and hopes to hone and exemplify these traits below:

* Excellence
* Team Work and Participation
* Truthfulness and Transparency
* Professionalism
* Effective Communication (within and outside TFD) especially for the admins and the leaders whose support and assistance are deemed valuable to the group

We breathe these things in and hope to live by these qualities.

The Filipino Diaspora (TFD) site is the NUMBER ONE blog for Filipino online writers, their friends and non-Filipino guests, and is efficiently and effectively led and run by Filipinos.

The TFD site started as an official blog of Filipino Triond writers. It carries a wide collection of various interesting articles written by the members composed of  Filipino Triond writers, their Triond friends and non-Filipino guests who wants to share their work.

The purpose of our existence, our reason for being, is simple: 

* To promote the Filipino writing talent on the worldwide web.
* To collect articles written by Filipino writers, their friends and non-Filipino guests.
* To train members on quality online writing.
* To share interesting information about the Philippine society and culture through well-written online articles. 

We accept memberships from all walks of life - any race and nationality.  It is open for everyone to learn.

For interested visitors who want to be a part of this growing network, please read the "How to Join this Community" page. 

Welcome and have fun!


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