Monday, September 24, 2012

A Letter from Earth

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When I was young I started my day on the East so I can welcome the warm embrace of the sunrise. The air was crisp, cool and smell so fresh. The fragrance of the green forest greeted me as the wind whispered in my body. The flowers were blooming with colors then and the butterflies roamed freely in the Babylonian gardens. The sky was so blue as if you can reach it with your hands.

Birds glided gracefully like angels sent from heaven and their sweet song echoed as it touches the mighty cliffs of the mountains. The rivers were clear as a mirror and its water was soft like a warm pillow. The school of fish danced gracefully underneath the picturesque beauty of the pacific sea. Its waves roared with joy as it touched the crystal shore. When the moon and the sun set above the ocean, the water twinkled like a diamond star.  READ MORE 

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  1. A highly descriptive and moving piece! Great share, Joshua. ;-)



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