Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Destiny and Happiness

 Photo by JoshuaMiguel

It takes only one person, one event, and one decision to help you discover your destiny. But how do we know if destiny is already knocking at our doors? 

Destiny is a very broad term for some of us. Sometimes we tend to interchange it with fate. To be technical about it, destiny and fate have different meanings. Though these two words both refer to man’s fortune. Fate is more on the pessimistic side, while destiny is on the positive side. 

When we say fate, it usually refers to an unexplained, unpopular, and sometimes tragic events in a person’s life that are beyond his control. Destiny, on the other hand, is what we are supposed to accomplish in this world, it is a deep inner energy that drives a person towards his life’s purpose. A person’s destiny is divinely-planned, even before we are born in this world our role in the “grand master plan” was already determined by the Divine Being- Our Divine Creator. However, He left us with no reference manuals which we can use as guide in our pursuit for our destiny. It is therefore up to us on how to discover it. READ MORE.



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