Monday, April 30, 2012

We are FAMILY - The Filipino Diaspora (TFD)

Sharing this with all of you...

Some members of The Filipino Diaspora were newly appointed 
to be part of an exciting photo-vid group of TFD. 

Aj Garcia
Bling Triond

Initially, everything was kept as a secret when the group was formed. No one else, but those concerned, knew what was going on. 

Now, it is time to reveal and show the world what these talented individuals had beautifully done. 

Yours truly and Brewed Coffee helped the group with some ideas. But this group did everything on their own - using their own superb individual talents, ingenuity, and wisdom. 

They had a deadline to beat. It was a challenge they took. They worked against that deadline despite their busy schedules. And, they were able to finish the project ahead of time. They worked individually, and as a team... Sharing ideas, helping each other - a true embodiment of the TFD family at work. 

This is their first project that they had successfully done. 
Kudos to TFD's new photo-vid group! We're so proud of you! Superb work!



  1. Nice, awesome and heart-warming project of the group! Keep the fire burning!

  2. Kudos to everyone who worked hard for this video! :)

  3. Thanks! A toast to TFD family! :)

  4. You guys make a great team :-) Keep it up!

  5. Ngayon ko lang nakita to! Ang cute! Go TFD! :)



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