Thursday, September 6, 2012


Dog sitting 2 extra sheepdogs

During one of my walks, I saw a man, sitting on a bench, patting the head of a huge, brown dog. Then the man placed its leash down on the ground and walked away from his pet - without losing eye contact. The dog didn’t move a muscle. It just stayed there - looking at its master. The man later crouched on the ground, and hollered, “Come!” to his pet, and his dog immediately run towards him.

I guess, to most, this situation is one of the most common things to see. So, just like the rest of the people running or walking at the park, I tried to ignore that situation, and chose to continue walking around the park. My legs followed my desire, but I couldn’t shake off that image from my head.


  1. good story Cates and cute naman ng doggie photo mo.

  2. Thanks, papz! Just got that from flickr. ;-) The one who took the photo really got a good angle, right?

  3. That's really sad Sittie. But, that's life - nothing or no one will forever belong to us. Eventually, friends and people really dear to us will leave us. I guess, its a good thing that we will always remember the good times with them. Thanks for the read, its really something :)



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