Friday, May 18, 2012

I Am a Filipino

The Philippine Flag( God Bless The Philippines)

It's not even June yet...the month we celebrate our independence as a nation.  But I suppose, anytime is a good time to touch base with our identity as a people.  It is good to be reminded of who we are as an individual and as a nation.  Maybe, this will also put some perspective and deeper purpose of why The Filipino Diaspora is in existence in the first place.

"I am a Filipino–inheritor of a glorious past, hostage to the uncertain future. As such I must prove equal to a two-fold task–the task of meeting my responsibility to the past, and the task of performing my obligation to the future."  --- C.P. Romulo

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  1. Very beautifully written! The words actually sing a distinct tune. ;-) I had a great time reading this.



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