Thursday, February 16, 2012

Arowana The Living Dragon Facts

The beauty and luck of a dragon fish.

Arowana is one of the most beautiful and noble breed of fish that is often kept as pet. Arowana is believed to bring luck in most of East Asian countries especially the Chinese. The belief is derived because of its resemblance to one of their cultural symbol dragon. Arowana is very lovely to watch because of its smooth swimming pattern making it seem so serious type of fish. The looks might be deceiving because this lovely fish isn’t lovely at all for it is carnivorous. It is not advisable to dip a finger inside it’s aquarium for it might mistakenly grab it as food. It should be kept alone on its aquarium for it would fed on its room mate not unless it is bigger and tougher than it does. They could have a room mate but it is usually a janitor fish or a mud fish. Their tandem makes it look like the servant and the god inside a cage. The servant cleans while the God commands.

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