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Member Profile - ImaVee

My friends in the online writing world know me as Ima Vee (shuffled from “I am Vee” or “I’m a Vee”). Some of them call me “bubuyog”. Maybe because of the Vee word but it’s actually just to indicate the first letter of my real surname. My father said they named me after a “a rose na may bee na nakalagay sa side table nang hospital bed nang mom ko when I was born…haha…” which makes me think na may justice din naman pala sa pagtawag ni NZ and Mach sa akin nang “bubuyog”.

I’m 21 and a fresh college graduate from MSU- Iligan Institute of Technology with a degree in Industrial Automation and Mechatronics. I’ve been writing since I was in grade school. I wrote my first poem entitled, “Ang Aking Guro” when I was in 4th grade.

I joined the school paper in high school. I temporarily left writing when I entered college. I thought writing and engineering and technology was not a good pair but I can’t help it. I just simply love writing so I continued writing even if I’m just the only reader. I’ve been hiding lots of notebooks in my drawer. I call these notebooks “Blah Blah Blah Notebooks” and I keep them locked in there so no one can read them. I write about anything that interests me. Usually, these are poems, collection of quotes, lists, jokes, stories, even songs, etc.

Aside from writing, I also love reading, listening to music, drawing, watching movies and travelling.

I’m a bit boyish. I’m more of a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers kind of girl. In fact, I only started wearing skirts and dresses when I turned 20 and had to look girly during some church and school activities. Until now, I’m still trying to get used to it. At first impression, one would say that I’m the silent type, a loner or something like that because I really don’t speak much. But when you get to know me better, I’m actually talkative, funny, frank, and cheerful, but I tend to be insensitive at times.
For me, writing is a unique way of turning your imagination into words. I just hope I’m doing it right even if I’m still struggling with my typos and grammatical errors. J

On Choosing to Write Online

I started writing online August 2010. At first, I wrote online to earn extra income. I worked as a ghostwriter for an employer.

Triond, on the other hand, was my first home. There, I published most of the things I wrote in my Blah Blah Blah notebooks.

Later on, I wasn’t writing to earn anymore, I was writing online because I enjoy it, and I want my works to be read by a huge audience. Internet helps in acquiring that goal.

Where Readers Can Find Her Work

I have 4 blogs:

The Blah Blah Notebook –
-          It’s my personal blog. I write my thoughts about random things. Just anything that interests me.
Giants and Elves         - 
-          It’s my blog where I post chapters of the story that I’m still working on. The story is about a young boy’s adventure to the world of Giants and Elves.
Web Footprints           - 
-          It’s a blog where I write about technology-related stuff, websites, reviews on books, movies and software, as well as online earning opportunities.
Fortress of Imba-ness  - 
-          It’s a blog where I post pictures, funny quotes. I only post short posts here: sayings, funny photos, humorous conversations and others.

Aside from Triond, I also write at Bukisa, Expertscolumn and Publish.Us

Regarding Works in Print

If articles on local school papers are included, then yes, I was a feature writer and a news contributor back in my high school days. It was in late 2010 when I wrote a romance manuscript entitled, “Sweetest Lie Ever Told”, which was then published by Bookware Publishing last May 2012 under the title, “The Hired Wife” with my byline, Rose Valencia.

What Makes Her Happy

I like people with a great sense of humor. I don’t like those who are judgmental and those who underestimate other’s capabilities. Mababaw lang akong tao. Waking up every morning makes me happy knowing that God loves me so much that He’s giving me another day to live and enjoy life with my family and friends.

Her Worst Pet Peeves

Being trapped in traffic sa loob nang punong-puno na jeepney.
Men who smoke inside a bus.

Her Goals

I want to have a stable job. I like to write and publish more stories. I want to serve my family at higit sa lahat, my goal is to serve God.

Length of Time She Has Been Part of TFD

I’ve been a part of the group ever since TFD was just a simple Sinong Kababayan Dito thread in Triond forum.

Why She Likes TFD

There are lots of awesome people in TFD.

Suggestions for The Filipino Diaspora (TFD)
The group needs a lot of communication and cooperation. I think kulang pa tayo no’n. Dahil dito, hindi pa masyadong nagiging stable ang site.

Her Own Mission Statement as Part of the Group

To be a passionate writer and member of The Filipino Diaspora by posting consistently at the site, suggesting ideas for the development of TFD, supporting and encouraging fellow members and inviting new writers in order to achieve TFD’s mission to become the number one Filipino Blog.

Message to the Readers

A thousand thanks to all our readers who've been supporting TFD from the very beginning. We encourage you all to continue reading our articles and be part of the TFD community.


  1. Hi there Ima Vee! Nice to meet you. hahaha - You also have the usual TFD genes that run through each and everyone of us, workaholics - :) Go girl!

  2. Hi Ate Ima! :)

    Nakaka-aliw talaga mga write-ups mo ate! :)

  3. hi girls... thanks for reading... Hehehe... AJ, nice to meet you din...

    many thanks to Sittie Cates for working really hard sa mga profiles natin... :)

  4. Ayos, kung boyish ka, girly naman ako. LOL

  5. Parang magkakaintindihan tayo... medyo "one of the boys" din ako at tahimik na tao. hehehe...

    Go girl, I know you've got what it takes to make TFD number 1. Galeng-galeng!

  6. hahaha... Hindi ko maimagine na girly ka Sir Papz... hehe



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