Thursday, April 17, 2014


Isn’t it a bum if we are working something important on our computer and it performs very slowly? It pleases us to see that whenever we access a site or work on documents that our computer would function perfectly in just a single click isn’t it?
There are many reasons why computers become slow, among them is the fact that computers do deteriorate or depreciate in its functionality in time. However, one of the most common reasons why it also performs slow are viruses and malwares. Yes, they do exist and this unwanted boarder comes with the files in any type every time you get them over the web.
There is nothing we can do about the malwares and viruses that comes along with the files that we download, but we can prevent or stop it from entering into our computer’s system.
How? That would be by having a working and efficient anti-virus on your computer. Now, you may have tried all the FREE anti-viruses that the web has to offer. Unfortunately, FREEBIES has expiration dates and when it expires, it too becomes a burden to your computer.
This is where what I am going to offer will come in helpful and handy to you. This anti-virus or cleaner is not really free. It too is being sold on the web however, today; I am going to give it to you for FREE.
Now, this is not a Hoax or a scam or something that you will not desire or may regret later on. There is nothing in it for me, all I wanted to do is help you find the most efficient and effective anti-virus that is on the web without having to spend a single penny.
The name of the anti-virus/cleaner is Tune Up Utilities which is constantly being upgraded because lots of computer owners has proven that this cleaner is indeed a reliable one.
 I have been using this in cleaning and protecting my computer’s system for 3 years now and it hasn't failed me yet. Every time I scan and let it run in my computer, it only takes a couple of minutes and it will clean as well fix any errors on my computer’s system.
Tune Up Utilities has many features that can be found at its Start Up Center where all of the functions are displayed. This is  to make sure that your computer’s system is thoroughly cleaned such as: Status & recommendation wherein under this tab it has the automatic 1 click maintenance feature where it can be used to scan your computer’s entire system in a fast mode. Then there is the Increase Performance tab where it shows your computer’s performance functionality if it needs to be addressed.
The Fix problems tab shows the current problems of your computer, it may come in certain registry errors or start-up problems or even your computer’s security problems. It is here that you get to optimize your computer’s system. Then, the last Tab on the start-up center is the system protection, here you will find your computer’s system that aren’t protected in which all you have to do is click the tab and it will show you what system needs protection.
There are other features that you can find at the Start Up center, there is the Optimize computer Tab, Clean-up Computer Tab, Fix Problems Tab and the Customize Windows Tab. Each of these tabs has several features under it which can be very helpful in providing optimization and protection to your computer.

Tune Up Utilities is easy to use since all you have to do is choose which system you have to optimize or you can even optimize the entire system of your computer to make sure that it will work efficiently and fast every time you are using it.

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