Monday, November 5, 2012

Member Profile – AJ Garcia

I am a quiet person, compassionate and generous.  I love dogs. I love reading and taking close-up shots of flowers and all things that I find interesting.  I love watching good movies at home and listening to good music.

I love ice cream, yogurt, grapes, pancakes, dark chocolates to name a few. I cannot do without a cup or two of brewed coffee in the morning, cups of green tea during the day and a mobile phone every day.

I most especially love bonding with my family on weekends. 

I view life and situations in a balanced way.  I want things simple and uncomplicated.
And I pray and keep God close.

On Choosing to Write Online

I have chosen to write online because I believe it is a great opportunity for me to communicate and share some essential and interesting things about life that I have read and learned myself, my own thoughts and views on some issues, poems, and beautiful photos. 

Where Readers Can Find Her Work

Stumbleupon, imogen7, facebook

Regarding Works in Print

Yes I have - in the very near future.  J

What Makes Her Happy

Having a happy and healthy family and a comfortable life makes me happy. 

Her Worst Pet Peeves

·                     Prejudice
·                     Loud noise
·                     Dishonesty
·                     Injustice

Length of Time She Has Been Part of TFD

Since it started – 1911

Why She Likes TFD

The group has a sense of being one big family, which is an innate trait of a Filipino.

Suggestions for The Filipino Diaspora (TFD)

Cooperation and time

Her Own Mission Statement as Part of the Group

I would publish a new article a month to add up to our growing number of interesting articles for our beloved readers’ enjoyment. 

Message to the Readers

Welcome to our cozy online writing home!

Take a tour and see the many wonderful and very interesting reads that are in store for you. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your visit.  See you again!


  1. Thank you so much Cates! Godbless you. :)

  2. Talaga ate? You have works in prints coming soon? :))

  3. AJ... it's cool to know better the awesome photographer nang TFD. :) natawa ako don sa 1911. :)

  4. aantayin ko ang mga new posts mo.

  5. You have so much positive energy in you which the site really needs. Kahit ano pang bagyo ang daanin ng TFD, I know you'll still be around cheering us on. Thanks so much sis Anastacia!Tama ba? Di ko alam ang J. hehe..

  6. Dear Maria Merchediz, yes, its a work in progress...hahaha!

    Hello sis Ima Vee, 1911, typoerror lang yun, dapat 2011...hehehe - thanks that's me...:)

    papaleng, promise yan ha? antayin mo kailangan me tatak ka parati...hehehe

    mom likha, Thanks for the positive energy, hahaha, i guess i have loads of it. of course, walang iwanan as long as we're here. ganyan tayo talaga, bonded. Tama ka sa name mom likha, Anastacia Jacqueline. :)



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