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Member Profile: SittieCates

I like my name spelled without a space to indicate oneness or completeness because these are two of the things that mean a lot to me.

One thing about me that I’ve adapted since childhood, and maintained up to now, is my strong fascination and enduring love for books.

Back then, I remembered that when my playmates would coax me into playing a game of Catch-Me-If-You-Can, there were lots of times when I opted out. I would rather curl up in our huge sofa with an opened book on my lap. I find more pleasure in that compared to screaming my lungs out and running around the neighborhood, and hoping no one would tag me to be the (so-called) ‘IT’ (who would then run around and chase the others). I guess, that’s when people started teasing me about having my own world. In a way, they’re right because as soon as I open a new book and flip through the pages, I see myself being welcomed into a brand new world, lovingly created by the author.

On Choosing to Write Online

I decided to write online to reach a wider audience and meet like-minded people.

Where Readers Can Find Her Work

I’ve got two blogs that I maintain. One is my personal blog, “The Musings of a Hopeful Pecunious Wordmith” at and the other one, my second blog, is “SittieCates Loves Stories” at

Aside from these, some of my works have also been published at Triond, Writing101, Kuro-Kuro and others. I’ve also ghostwritten and edited some articles at other sites.

Regarding Works in Print

Before venturing online, I’ve worked at a publishing company and an advertising company. For the former, I had the pleasure of working on tabloids and magazines. There were times when we gathered stories out in the field, and other times we were cooped up in the office, doing research. For the latter, I was part of the Editorial group, and we worked on the firm’s magazine, which was mostly distributed to members and clients of the company.

Prior to that, I’ve had a handful of poems and articles published when I was part of the Editorial Board of our school newspaper in college. I also became a member of CEGP (College Editors Guild of the Ph) during that time. Aside from that, other works of mine have been published at another university as guest articles.

I’ve also had two children’s stories and other works published at some magazines. And I have had the opportunity, too, of editing some works of others (both online and offline).

While writing and editing are really part of my passion, I’ve also held other professions in different fields.

Currently, I’m back at the publishing industry - having a great (and often hectic) time. ;-)

What Makes Her Happy

Having books to read (of course!), sunsets and sunrise and twilight times, gazing at the stars (from my window) while pondering on what to write next, wind in my hair, the delicious scent of pine and wild flowers, dancing snowflakes (that sometimes landed on my nose), cooling raindrops, receiving a loving embrace, a sincere smile, goofing around and being silly with friends and family…

Hmm… What else?

I also love coffee - chilled (and topped with whipped cream, please!) or steaming hot.

Aside from that, I’m happy that I’m still breathing. That I still have time. That I can still think, read, communicate, listen to things, run, walk, and see everything around me in its vibrant colors. I celebrate that fact every single moment. You see, there are some people in my circle who had passed away. Their memory had served as an inspiration that’s why I value life, and I’m happy and truly grateful that I’m still here.

Her Worst Pet Peeves

People who poke fun at the expense of others. Folks who walk around with a bloated ego. And those who pretend that they are willing to do something, but end up doing nothing at all.

Her Goals

To have more works (articles, short stories or novels) published. To live longer with those I love and make my life the best life ever!

Length of Time She Has Been Part of TFD

I’ve seen the group and have read their chats at a Triond chatroom that has been named (during that time) as SKD (Sinong Kababayan Dito). Since then, I’ve long followed their thread, but it was only after a few months since they started when I gathered the guts to join them (after having been burned from a not-so-accommodating virtual group).

Why She Likes TFD

TFD is more than just a group. It’s a family. Most of them are fun-loving and funny, friendly and accommodating.

Suggestions for The Filipino Diaspora (TFD)

I hope the rest would realize that it’s a group effort - with each member having a special role to fulfill.

It’s a group blog. So, the participation of members is crucial.

Just like a family, we all have our own distinct personalities. And that may or may not serve us well in the long run. So far, though, the ones who are still helping out in keeping everything intact - no matter how few - manage to keep things well (albeit with a bit of struggle juggling work, family and online stuff). If more people would make the effort to pitch in, I think things will be a lot easier and the group can reach most of the goals for the site in a quicker manner.

Her Own Mission Statement as Part of the Group

While I’m still with the group, I’ll help support TFD by doing my part as a member and as part of the admin/consultants (as long as I'm not up to my neck handling some things). When I leave my post, rest assured, things will be endorsed properly to the next batch of admins.

It’s been truly wonderful, people. Thank you, TFD! J

Message to the Readers

To the loyal followers, frequent visitors and occasional readers, thank you so much for the support that you have given to the whole group, to our online family.

To stay in touch with the group and learn more about TFD, you can post at the forum or LIKE the group page at facebook.


  1. SittieCates is a very dear friend and family member of TFD. She has done so much to keep things going and alive.

    Cates, you'll stay in our hearts always. I know your spirit will carry you back where you belong. :) Godbless.

  2. Very friendly and supportive. Thanks for everything sis lalong-lalo na sa efforts mo sa TFD...

    It's great to know these things about you.

  3. Hi Cates, many thanks really. You truly are a blessing to TFD. Here's wishing more great things will come your way. Love yah!

  4. Hi sis Cates. Truly you are amazing. We are so grateful for your sincere thoughts and care for all the members of TFD and the group itself.

    Personally, right before you became admin/consultant of TFD, you've been a nice person to me. Our long chats and giggles were priceless. I am actually missing those days.

    I pray for your hopes and dreams to come true. Take care always sis.

  5. And up to now you're so good to me. Miss you sis.



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