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Member Profile: Brewed Coffee

I love coffee - hence, the pseudonym, Brewed Coffee. What can I say?  I’m just your ordinary gal, making a living from an 8-hr job (okay, 12 hrs, mostly) in an old company somewhere in Manila. I’m actually shy and reserved in person, but I’m most definitely talkative in writing. Which is probably why my online personality is more outspoken. Well, in the past few years, I may have already come out of my shell and I can also be talkative and gregarious with people I am comfortable with. Still, I would prefer to be on the side, people-watching, instead of being at the center stage. 

On Choosing to Write Online

Basically, for self-expression. You know, there’s a need in every one of us to be heard, somehow. We want
people to listen to what we have to say. In writing, you reach out more people. It used to be one-sided but I am evolving as a writer and my focus now is how to give value for prospective readers, sort of imparting something I know that could also benefit them.  

Where Readers Can Find Her Work

I have four blogs under the name Brewed Coffee but I think too many blogs is just too much for me to handle so I just maintain one now for now:  Sojourner’s Cornerstone.  I have two other blogs that are under my real name. I am now concentrating more on those two recent blogs.  

Regarding Works in Print

Only papers from school thesis. Aside from that, I have no published works yet.
What Makes Her Happy

Happy? Well, a simple person like me doesn’t need that much to be happy. I just have to be well fed, have a good roof above my head and be in good health. That includes good health for my family and friends, of course. Basically, the simple things in life already make me happy. Material things, yes, to some extent…Like a child having a new toy. I also feel happy when I am able to help someone in need and when I take care of my mom and nephews.

Her Worst Pet Peeves

* I’ve always been attuned to people's needs, and I expect them to also show that kind of sensitivity. Like when I just want to be quiet and alone. I don’t need someone blabbering nonsense to me. lol! I am usually tolerant and can take nonsensical talks, but when I am in a foul mood, I really, really like to be by myself.

* I always scurry out from groups when they start telling green jokes. I just don’t think it’s a laughing matter. (Yeah, yeah... I’m a killjoy when it comes to that.)

* Liars…I just simply hate them.

* People who think too highly of themselves and put other people down.

Her Goals

Generally speaking, I just want to do my life’s purpose. I'm still in the process of discovering that…. So, I’m sort of in the training ground.

I'd like to be able to earn significantly from writing someday. Blogging is my practice ground.

Length of Time She Has Been Part of TFD

I'm sort of part of the “ancestral” group. The founders, I mean. Hehehe.

Why She Likes TFD

It’s an interesting mix of different personalities, all unique and distinctly Filipino. I love the humor. I suppose that’s where the bonding started. So why (exactly) do I like the group? As they say, "love your own". I have visions of lifting up the Filipino image and I was hoping the group could achieve that… to make a difference --so resounding-- the world would take notice. Hey! As they say, we are free to dream. So why not dream BIG? 

Suggestions for The Filipino Diaspora (TFD)

Just one basic thing ---commitment--- to make the visions become a reality;  the diaspora, finally coming together, to achieve a goal. (If we could hurdle this one, then, we can take things further.)

Her Own Mission Statement as Part of the Group

Mission statement? I’m not really good at phrasing a mission statement. But I suppose I could just share my vision for myself and for the group: To belong to a group of like-minded people, a group that is brought together and binded by a kindred spirit. 

I envision a group that will make a difference and uphold the Filipino people. It’s probably a far-fetched idea but I had it in my mind long before--during the Triond days--when I believed so much in the group that TFD would be like a beacon of light to the world. It’s like holding a torch for the Filipinos all around the world. TFD would be like a hub, where the diaspora could converge. But I suppose it’s a tough job to do when only a few really step up to that kind of challenge. 

Message to the Readers

To the readers, welcome to TFD! I hope that somehow you will pick up something from the group as you read through the site's posts. There’s really so much to learn from everyone. Better yet, why not become a contributor to the site so that you can also share your insights and be a part of the group?

To my fellow members: As I am contemplating about my membership the past few months... And more so the past few days... I have come to the decision to go my separate way for a while. That means being off-duty from the site for an indefinite time. Sometimes, you just got to do that, find yourself in another place.  Remember the definition of diaspora, the scattering? I am called to do that right now, to focus on other endeavors. In the end though, we always go back to the place we consider home. I’m taking this opportunity to thank you all. It’s great working with you people, quirks and all. I hope that this new round of revival for the group would really take off but that would entail every one’s active participation. It’s a collective effort. One thing's for sure…I will never forget the gift of friendship you have so generously given. I’ll see you around, people!
To the admins: It’s not an easy task that you have so willingly put on your shoulders. And I am personally commending you on this. It’s not your task to carry all the load, but you play very vital roles. There will always be frustrations, but may you always find the strength, patience and determination to get things done.


  1. I miss you so much Brewed! I'll see you around...soon. May God bless you in everything you do. :)

  2. brewed KAPEEEE... where are you now?????

  3. I already forgot my sign-in details, kaya Anonymous na lang. Anyway, Ang tagal na nitong interview na ito guys. (Cates hehe...could you change that pic?) I just thought of visiting TFD, kasi nagkausap kami ni RB last night.

    Miss you too RL, AJ, Ima and the rest of the group. Am just around, busy on other stuff. The site looks a lot better...very neat! :-)

    ---Brewed Coffee a.k.a. (tsaka na lang hehehe)



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