Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Simply Educate Me: New Site for Students

Dear Kababayans,

Writing online is an enjoyable activity that many Filipinos like. In almost any site I joined, I saw many Filipinos posting with their familiar names and nicknames under their own category or genre of writing. 

There are many reasons why I opted to use my true name, especially on those sites that I try to post my best. This has something to do with my academic background as my students get to read my articles for instructional purposes. I find that the internet is a good way for them to connect with their lessons and there is a vast source of literature that will improve their academic skills.

I get to enjoy  online writing while at the same time my activity becomes a productive endeavor. And of course, it can bring me extra revenue to maintain my online writing activity. A few cents here and a few cents there can accumulate enough funds to fund my SmartBro connection which is quite satisfactory at home than in the office.

Being in the academe, I figured out that the best way, probably, to share not only my thoughts but my mentoring skills is to create a compilation of all those articles relevant to teaching those subjects I love to teach. As a result, I now compile my instruction-relevant articles in, linking my articles in free online writing platforms I joined while I write original articles in the new site. 

Simply Educate Me, a WordPress site, intends to provide instructional materials in easily accessible format and where speed is optimized for students as I left out, whenever possible, the graphics which slow down the loading of pages. This is mainly a public service venture as I derive virtually nothing in the site with each new post I write. But I enjoy each new view as I find satisfaction that somebody learned from the knowledge and skills I shared. 

The only potential income I can get from this Simply Educate Me is possible whenever a visitor gets to visit those linked articles with ads in my other articles especially those in Knoji and other sites relevant to what I am discussing. Of course, Triond is one of them. I am a new user of WordPress but gradually, because of my familiarity in website creation, I am turning into a regular website with its own domain name. 

My colleagues in the academe and both graduate and undergraduate students were looking for information along my field of specialization so I referred them to Simply Educate Me. They said they found it useful in understanding further the concepts that I present to them during the training, teaching or mentoring I provide. 

Now, just after just a matter of 23 days, Simply Educate Me views had already reached almost a thousand. You can see below a summary of the source of views in Simply Educate Me. What I thought useful to my students have shown worldwide relevance.

If you will notice, most of those who visit the site are from the Philippines. This has something to do with search engine's automatic selection of the country where the writer writes his stuff. Still, Simply Educate Me attracts other viewers looking for information which might be relevant to them.

Now, I am sharing this information through Simply Educate Me so that many other Filipinos or students who just want to learn things in research and the environment in an uncluttered website will have a ready resource that may be able to provide answers to their academic needs. I believe that TheFilipinoDiasporas is the best and appropriate venue to share information relevant to the Philippines.

I am inviting everyone here to visit Simply Educate Me and see how this can be useful to their relatives or friends who presently are in schools to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills to adapt and survive in this highly competitive world.

Kudos to all those who conceptualized and developed May you enjoy the blessings of Christmas time and face the New Year with a hopeful heart and positive outlook on what the future will bring.

To fellow Filipino writers, get on and write something to popularize this site. Regards to everyone. :->

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  1. Thanks a lot for the support clover.



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