Sunday, December 16, 2012

Member Profile - Donald a.k.a. Papaleng

A simple person with humble beginnings. I don’t intend to go beyond my yard but just being content tending my lawn. A funny man who go gaga for cute girls.

On Choosing to Write Online

Just to express my thoughts and hope it brings smiles to readers. 

Where Readers Can Find His Work

Amazing Animals
A Traveler’s Tales
Papaleng Thoughts - Unplugged

Regarding Works in Print

None at the moment, but have once been a campus newsletter contributor. 

What Makes Him Happy

Sharing God’s word and knowing a lost soul had been found.
Seeing my children getting involve in church ministries.
Savoring my wife’s yummy dishes.
Seeing someone flashes his/her smile.
Lots of sleep.

His Worst Pet Peeves

Arrogant mutant

His Goals

To be a wise father to my kids till death calls me.
To make myself an instrument of God’s grace.

Length of Time He Has Been Part of TFD

For as long as I can remember. LOL

Why He Likes TFD

People here are down-to-earth except for one! 

Suggestions for The Filipino Diaspora (TFD)

Primarily, the group vision is to share our Triond’s works. But how can it be when most of the members ‘abandoned’ the site? Nevertheless, one can still help the group gain ground by simply supporting others’ works. 

His Own Mission Statement as Part of the Group

Let everyone do his/her little part. 

Message to the Readers

Your positive criticism is much appreciated. 

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  1. Thanks cates and to all TFD dabarkads. Hope na we'll join hand-in-hand to maintain this blog.



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