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Member Profile - EK Encarnacion

The online community knows me as EK Encarnacion, but to my family and friends I am called as Son and Ely respectively. Because I have this east meets west blood in me, I have reason to believe that I am the remaining descendant from a hybrid of polar and panda bears. But kidding aside, I am a licensed chemist and currently, a graduate student taking up MS in Environmental Science. However, despite my scientifically-inclined background, most people affirm that I should be in the arts and exploring my real passions: writing, cooking and acting.

On Choosing to Write Online

Before, when I didn’t have an offline job, I wrote online mainly to earn money. But then I realized that it really takes time to establish oneself as an online writer. It was then that I started focusing on readership rather than revenue. And now, with several people following my blog posts, I feel inspired to continue touching lives and making people feel that there is another person across cyberspace that most probably feels the same way as them.  

Where Readers Can Find His Work

Life and Laughter Blog:
Travel and Leisure Blog:

What Makes Him Happy

Call me cheesy but I’m happy when my family’s needs and wants are answered. I am happy when I am able to spend time with my friends. I am happy when I am able to travel to new places and learn new things. I am happy when I am able to buy things for me and for people I care for. Thus, I am happy when I have money. Who isn’t? I am happy when I get to eat chocolates and peanuts. I am happy when I feel loved.

His Worst Pet Peeves

I am not a big fan of people who smoke within my vicinity, get permanent tattoos, pierce their bodies and drink too much alcohol. I also don’t like to be around people who are unreasonably quiet, unaccommodating and non-participative. I also am not a big fan of people who arrive late than the meeting time specified without valid reasons.   

His Goals

My ultimate goals are to be able to glorify God in everything that I do and to be able to inspire others so that they too may see the goodness of the Father above. In addition, my other personal goals include having businesses of my own that is able to generate income that is more than enough to supply the needs and answer the wants of my family. A beautiful house, a family of my own, an institution that can be of help to other individuals are just some of the things that follow. 

Length of Time He Has Been Part of TFD

I have been with TFD since the foundation of the group.

Why He Likes TFD

I love, not just like, the group because all the other members make me feel that I belong despite our distances plus the fact that we have not even seen each other since the founding of the group.

Suggestions for The Filipino Diaspora (TFD)

I think if the group really wants to make impact, we should start making time and putting efforts in meeting beyond the computer screens. And I do know that I also fail in this aspect. I mean, I do believe that planning and brainstorming, but most importantly, putting time and effort into attending real-time meetings is the key in really catapulting TFD into becoming a recognized group not only online but also in the real setting; not only locally but also globally.

His Own Mission Statement as Part of the Group

I really want TFD to be able to create a monthly publication to which people from other places all over the world are willing to pay for and subscribe to. I am willing to write for a TFD magazine or whatsoever. With this group teeming with creative juice, I really find it impossible for us to capture people’s curiosity and attention.

Message to the Readers

Continue reading valuable articles. An individual whose mind has been sharpened by reading has an edge in this life full of competition.  

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