Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What Were You Thinking When You Start Blogging?

All I want is to have an open diary. I just like to express everything I'm feeling and thinking to anyone who cares to read it. But, that changed when I saw an episode of Mel & Joey about blogging. The owner of YugaTech was featured there, and he talked about how to make money by just blogging.

When I started blogging, way way back 2009 or 2010 I never thought I'll be making money and working online. No. I didn't start with this blog. I had a silly and immature blog before which has an URL and title of my real name. As days passed by, I've learned that publishing your name online is somehow not that good. So, I deleted it after a year after. (Too late, eh?) I didn't aim for anything that time.

I owe everything to that blog. My online career started because of it. I only have a desktop computer before (my parents bought it for me) and now, I have a laptop that I bought myself and few gadgets too. Who would think that from silly, immature and diary-like blog would lead me into this?

To make the long story short, there's a guy who've read my blog and asked if I know something about HTML codes and I said yes, but not much. He again asked me if I'm willing to learn and undergo in a training. I didn't hesitate and said yes instantly. That's then! And now, I'm a database builder. Imagine how far I've go from just 2 years of working online? At first, I was just an HTML checker for all the company's website we had. I was just 16 then when I started. And, I thanked God for everything, especially for not letting me give up.

You? What were you thinking when you start blogging?

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