Saturday, March 10, 2012

Quack Doctors Writing Prescriptions

A quack-doctor or an albularyo is the Philippine version for the Native American Indians, ‘Shaman’ or the witch-doctor in Africa. They are also known to drive evil spirits away and cure people through spells, holy oil and medicinal plants.

Modern medicine may have influenced the Philippines with the finest medical care and advanced approach in treatment, however there are still some provinces that rely on quack-doctors. Instead of seeing a real physician, they wait in line to be diagnosed by an albularyo. No fees required here but donations. Quack-doctors claim that their healing power come from divine entities that it is a service for them to help those in need without asking for money.

There is nothing wrong in having faith on these spiritual healers. Their practice has been beneficial throughout the centuries. The bad thing about it is when quack-doctors prescribe a synthetic drug.

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