Friday, April 13, 2012

Blogging Priorities

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Blogging the Election, originally uploaded by Red Mum.
Are you a blogger? If so, you probably know what to do to gain readers and their respect. If you still don’t, I gues this things I will mention in a while might help.

When your blog is already up and running, it isa great achievement if you gain followers, readers and also read some of their comments, suggestions and etc., right?

Due to my work, I was introduced to blogging and I was happy when I set my first one, but as days passed by and I keep posting but no one reads it and no one leaves a comment too. That’s then I realize that when you blog, you have responsibilities and priorities to do.

And here are some things that I learned:

  • Visit other blogs, regularly (if possible).
  • Read their post and understand it.
  • Leave your comment that is relevant to the post.
  • Ask politely if he/she could visit yours too.

Full article: Priorities of a Blogger

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