Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Different Sleep Disorders and The Importance of Sleep

Do you stop breathing during sleep? If that is so, then you are suffering from sleep apnea? What is sleep apnea and how does it occur? Sleep apnea in medical definition is known as a kind of sleep disorder characterized by a reduction or pause of breathing during sleep. This kind of disorder is known to be common among adults but rare in children. This can be treated either through a surgical procedure or nonsurgical. This kind of disorder usually happens during sleep, when it occurs your sleep is disrupted due to inadequate breathing and poor oxygen levels in the blood.
Sleep apnea is just one of the many kinds of sleeping disorders, however if there is another kind of sleeping disorder that you must be aware is “sleep paralysis”. What is sleep paralysis, what does it do and how can it affect one’s health? Sleep paralysis is a kind of disorder that is not considered to be dangerous however; you may find it quite scary since it may render you paralyzed or unable to move although you are conscious. This usually happens when you pass between stages of wakefulness and sleep, during this period you may not be able to speak or even move for a few seconds or even for several minutes. You may even feel the pressure of choking during this time but it will eventually pass.


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