Thursday, November 29, 2012

Top 10 What Great Boyfriends are

10 things that indicate great boyfriends.

1.     He will always have time for you.
He may have a lot of things to do but he has to make time for you especially in times that you need him most.

2.     He encourages you in hard times.
If he can’t do that, I doubt if you two would last a long time.

3.     He treats your family and friends very well.
When he tells you that he loves you, that shouldn’t mean that he loves you because he only likes your physical appearance. Like and Love are not the same. You can like a person without totally loving him. So when he says it, it should mean that he accepts your whole package and that includes your family and friends.


  1. Hi sis! Very useful tips for finding the right guy for you. Thanks for the share. :)



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