Thursday, January 24, 2013

To Nay Likha: Hang in There, Hold on, and Keep Your Spirits Up!

If you ever need some extra encouragement, if you would like to be reminded once in a while that you're so special, I want you to remember this... and I hope it brings you a smile.

Never forget what a treasure you are to us, your TFD family.
Try to realize how important you are in the eyes of our world.

No matter where you go, my hopes and my heart travel beside you every step of the way...
And I know, even though difficulties come to everyone, it isn't fair when they hang around longer than they should.

If I could wish the clouds away, the welcoming breeze of a brand new day would warm your life right this very minute.
But until a new day comes along, I know that you'll always be strong enough to see things through.

I have so much faith in you.

I know how much strength and courage you have inside.

I know you can find all the patience it takes.

You can turn to the times in the past when challenges were met, when you survived, when you were rewarded with success, and when you learned to believe in so much within you.
You have so much going for you, and I know that you're going to see your way through anything that comes along.

I know that brighter days are going to find a way to shine in your windows and chase away any blues.
And of all the things I am most certain of...

I know that no one deserves more smiles, success, friendship, or love
... than the special person I see every time I read your posts.
We love you Nay. Be strong! The sorrows that you are feeling now will make you even stronger in the upcoming days! :)

Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Nay! ♥
I love you.

Read the full message: To Nay Likha: Hang in There, Hold on, and Keep Your Spirits Up!

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