Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Justice for the Fallen 44

It's been a week since the fatal morning where 44 elite members of Special Action Forces (SAF) of PNP risked their lives in line of duty. The nation mourns the death of the Fallen 44. We mourn the death of these fallen heroes; No amount of sympathy will ever bring back their lives. We salute the brevity these men have shown.

But people from all walks of live are in a quandary of what really transpired on that day. Let's look at some of the detail: The military operation was known only to a few military officials and the President himself. The mission was aimed at serving a warrant of arrest to a high profile terrorist named Zulkifli Bin Hir aka Marwan and Basit Usman. From all indications, the 300+ SAF troops encountered a huge BIFF/MILF freedom fighters. The BIFF/MILF forces encircled the SAF troops, then a massacre when the policemen surrendered. Despite the setback, the SAF claimed that the operation became successful because they killed Marwan and they cut off his finger to undergo in a DNA test.

Those gallant SAF men died defending the country. Juan dela Cruz is now pondering ... What caused the defeat? Some military and war experts believed that the operation was hastily planned logistics and tactic wise. It seems that it was a 'secret mission'. Some high ranking field commanders where not even briefed about the operation. The troops did not coordinate to the MILF before they enter into their territory. No back up plan was even envisioned. PNP National Director Getulio Napelas who acted as a leader in that operation already took the blame about the incident. But it doesn't enough because there are people higher than him who might order to conduct the operation.

According to OIC PNP Chief Leonardo Espina, the suspended PNP Chief Alan Purisima was the one who gave an order to the SAF and was reporting directly to P-Noy. It means that the president knew about the operation. But ironically Defense Sec. Voltair Gazmin and DILG Sec. Mar Roxas doesn't inform about the operation.

Enough of this finger pointing on whom to blame. The damage had been done. What the Pilipino people want is for the truth to come out ASAP. Since President Aquino has knowledge of the operation from the very onset, he should be brave enough to accept full responsibility of the actions of his men. Let justice be served! Put behind bars the freedom fighters who, did this barbaric act. Put the ongoing peace talk on halt until every culprit behind the killing is all accounted for. The government must now adapt the battle cry "Peace with Justice". Perhaps, the MILF and similar groups will have a change of heart, lay down their arms and pursue to achieve a genuine peace in Mindanao.

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