Tuesday, March 17, 2015

BOI Report - Refuting Lacierda's Illogical Statements

Browsing the web about the latest about the Mananasapano report, I stumbled upon a post "BOI ‘resorted to speculations’–Malacañang" which I deemed worth digesting its contents.

The post centered on presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda statements after the board of inquiry (BOI) came out with their report.

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Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said that while the “narration of the facts was exhaustive,” it did not take into account the side of President Benigno Aquino III. “In gathering the facts, the BOI should have allowed the facts to speak for themselves,” Lacierda said in an emailed statement.

In the statement, the secretary said there was a need to “separate the facts from potentially hastily made conclusions and opinions.”

Now that the BOI report came out and (in the report) said that Noynoy was one of those responsible for the Oplan Exodus failed mission, Malacañang is now saying the BOI is resorting to speculations?

President Aquino and his 'pogi boys' in Malacanang are liars! They are now resorting to playing with words just to swindle and fool the masang pinoy. They said they respect the BOI and whatever decision or findings that the BOI will have; but are now singing a different tune and attacking the BOI report which put the blame on PNoy.

The BOI report, concluded that President Benigno Aquino III and other officials involved in the mission violated the chain of command when he allowed suspended PNP chief Alan Purisima to have a role in a bungled counterterrorism mission that cost the lives of 44 police commandos on Jan. 25.

Aquino not under PNP command! “The first and most basic fact is that the [PNP] is a civilian institution, established to replace the Philippine Constabulary-Integrated National Police (PC-INP). As a civilian institution in the executive branch of government, the President, as Chief Executive, exercises full and absolute control and supervision over every official in that branch,” presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said in a statement.

Wow! Where did you get your facts Mr. Edwin Lacierda?

Assuming Pnoy is not part of the PNP command? then how come he was giving orders to the PNP? how come he appoints its top generals and its chief and he can award medals and promotions to its officers and men?

The BOI report was correct in saying that PNoy violated the chain of command. He chose to course his action via a suspended Chief PNP rather than thru the duly authorized OIC PNP Chief Espina. There is no amount of explaning that PNoy, Lacierda, or Coloma can come up with to cover up the mess that PNoy had created.

PNoy should NOT have dealt with suspended PNP Chief Purisima. Why did he not call OIC PNP Chief Espina and discuss Oplan Exodus? He did not talk to Sec Roxas either who has supervision over the PNP.

Lacierda also said that President Aquino could have clarified some points with the BOI had he received an official request from the fact-finding team. But there were none, he said.

"Why did the BOI not ask the President for his side?" Hmm, Indeed a good question to ask the President.

This is strange. Not asking the side of the one who is the butt of all these criticisms.

Did the president tell the BOI not to ask for his side? Ask Valte or Coloma, they know the answer.

Brace yourself Juan dela Cruz for in the coming days, the new Pinocchio in Malacañang will come out with another round of 'explosive' bombs. Lacierda knows the truth but hides it to protect Pnoy sagging political career. He is one of those incompetent spokespersons in Malacañang who are only good in speculations and innuendos. What is not acceptable to them will surely be the subject of their lies and criticisms. What is good to their ears the subject of all praise.

My say: Mr Lacierda and the other Pinocchios in Palace, JUST LIVE with the TRUTH!

All the Filipino people wanted now is for the President as commander-in-chief to assume responsibility for the incident because he played a big role in it.


  1. Filipinos ought to know the truth behind the Mamasapano incident. In time, I hope that it gets resolved and that nothing of this sort happens again in our country.

  2. it's nice to know something about the update of the said issue in the Philippines



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