Wednesday, July 29, 2015

President Aquino’s Sixth And Final SONA: The Highs and Lows

Thank God! President Aquino’s fifth and final SONA is over, his bosses can now have a sigh of relief. For now, we should not be partisan, but rather be unbiased about what we thought of Pnoy's 'farewell speech'.

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I tend to think that his speech is just another lousy rhetoric aimed at making "pa-pogi points." Do bear with me as I dissect his final SONA and genuinely point out the speech' highs and lows.

For a starter, I salute the president for his mastery of the Tagalog language. The President really knows how to play with lines. I am so sure that his bosses did clearly grasps the points he is driving at. I gave Pnoy a passing mark here.

Also, President Aquino got my nod when he supported his 'achievements' by figures and percentages. Those claims got the needed boost to make them appear genuine ones.

He also got my approval when he graciously acknowledged some personalities who in one way or another help his administration. Being grateful is a trademark of a true Pinoy! And at the end of his speech, I salute him for being humble and sincere in acknowledging his deficiencies and apologized to the people.

Now let's deal with the speech lows.

I am disgruntled and disappointed that President Aquino in enumerating the achievements of his administration had repeatedly chastised the previous administration for its sins. From his inaugural up to his last SONA, he intentionally put the former President Arroyo regime in a bad light. That is a foul move. He should have not have done that!

I also find it unnecessary for Pnoy to act as Mar Roxas campaign manager this early. Much better if the President had instead discussed resolving major issues before his tenure ends. The people need to hear his plan about issues that need closures.

And lastly, why is it Aquino didn't castigated Transportation Secretary Joseph Abaya for the extremely bad state of the MRT, putting the blame on the private corporation maintaining it. “Di po ba maski sinong kumpanya, dapat sinisigurong masusulit ang kanilang investment? Pero hinayaan lang nilang lumala nang lumala ang situwasyon hanggang umabot sa puntong ipinasa na sa atin nang ora-orada ang pagsasaayos ng MRT.” (Whatever the company, shouldn’t they be ensuring a return on their investment? But they let the situation get worse and worse…) Why are you complaining to us about how your private partner runs the MRT? You’re the government! The MRT is a public utility! His statement regarding this issue made me really mad! Up to his final speech, "naghugas kamay" si Pnoy!

He should have given his bosses a more comforting statement! One that will appease those disgruntled and irritated everyday train commuters. If this is the case, then the thousands of MRT commuters should endure more "sakit sa katawan" days just to have their regular train rides.

Mister President, kahit man lang sana sa huling SONA nyo, binigyan nyo ng pag-asa ang mga MRT commuters!

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