Friday, May 18, 2012

Writing: Just an Itch to Scribble

Writing Notes with Grammy

In writing, an itch to scribble would be felt by would-be writers and experts alike. This itch would always hold that special desire to share experiences and musings to others as long as there would be things to write about and people who would be willing to read the writer’s thoughts.

I’ve got the most sophisticated kind of itch - a writer’s itch to scribble. 
Ever since I proudly declared to my parents that I wanted to be a writer at the young age of five, this itch never really left me. 

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  1. I just thought of a crazy idea for a sequel to this article --> "Drawing: Just an Itch to Doodle"

    How's that? Hahaha just one of my rare brilliant moments lol!

  2. hahahaha.... Love it, sis Brewed! ;-) Pwede ring --> Dancing: Just an Itch to Boogie/Waltz/Slamdance/ or anything else to that effect. lol! Thanks, sis.



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